All of those fun foods you love, all of those fun foods you love to avoid, now on the menu front and center!

Koohlah's Story

Hi, my name is Harrison and I'm a food addict. I know what you're thinking: "food addiction? Is that even real?". The answer is yes, I've been dealing with it my whole life and so are 70 million others. Looking back I can see there are two distinct phases of my life. The first phase was the give-in phase. This was when I would give in to my cravings and deal with all the consequences of my binges, both emotional and physical. 

The second phase is the abstinence phase. People see me, in shape, eating healthy and think I won. The truth is there is no winning. I still deal with my addiction every day. Always thinking about food, planning my next meal the second I finish my last one. Snacks calling my name and not stopping until I either eat them or throw them out. Then even if I throw them out, going back into the garbage to retrieve them. Never having a bite of any foods I ever loved, knowing that one bite leads to 10 bags. I had enough. I wanted to enjoy the fun foods like everyone else. 

That's why we developed Koohlahs. A company that makes binge-sensitive radically healthy fun foods. We removed almost anything that causes a binge, and even if you do, we made sure you'll be bingeing on health!

Who Did We Make This For?

We made Koohlahs for you. You who have cut out all the foods you love and are ready to bring them back. You who continue to eat the foods you love and want a health transformation. You who want something to give your children to keep them healthy and bring them joy. You who need an escape in stressful times and want to be healthy. You who work hard and don’t have the time between tasks to get something healthy. You who love to eat snack food with or without knowing that it affects the way you feel. And you who are hungry all of the time and just want something that tastes good and will satisfy you. We made this for you!

Our Philosophy

Each Koohlah product represents abundance. An abundance of wealth, an abundance of joy, an abundance of energy and health. Dancing with addiction is a never-ending dance with scarcity vs abundance. Am I going to choose abundance, which equates to having the joy of eating a fun food and gaining weight, or will I choose scarcity, which means having great health without the joy of fun foods. Koohlah is the new choice of abundance: all of the joy of fun foods with all of the benefits of good health.

Our Vision

We envision a world in which all people have access to a powerful relationship with food. Where people can stop thinking about food constantly and use that extra time for the people and the causes they care about. We envision a world in which all of us can enjoy food for the pleasure it is and wake up the next day with a big smile on our face, proud of the choices we made. 


We are committed not only to bringing you the best fun foods we can imagine, but also the best information about their health benefits and about addiction recovery.